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War has defined geographies, civilizations and economies. A constant through history, its casualties far outnumber death tolls. For its soldiers, war is a death lottery. And the ones who make it home are never the same.

Combat redefines a person – their blueprint forever changed. Radioman is a story of the soldier’s toll - chaos, sanity and re-entry – community, hope and peace. The real cost of war is passed on through generations.

Radioman reminds us:

“You can take the soldier out of the war, but you can’t take the war out of the soldier.”

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And, as for the justness of any war

One must never forget

War is as far from godliness

As we as humans can get

Thus, pick this option carefully

With the weight of a heavy heart

For sanity is the casualty

The minute war does start

~ Eric Hollenbeck